The Authentic Leader Workshop - 17 November 2023

The Authentic Leader is an intensive one-day forum, designed for leaders who really want to understand the essence of authenticity and how being a ‘real person’ can make your leadership far more compelling. In this leadership forum, Dr. Harold Hillman will lead an interconnected series of discussions and open dialogue about the multi-faceted dimensions of authenticity and the positive difference it can make in life, and especially in the workplace. You’ll have an opportunity to do some important reflection on your leadership and whether it serves you well. You will also be introduced to what authentic leadership looks like in today’s business world, including examples from leaders who have made a big difference in all walks of life. 

The TAL workshop is for those who want to:

  • Be more purposeful with their leadership
  • Learn new tools and frameworks to develop as a leader
  • Build a professional brand that is more authentic and compelling with others
  • Push themselves outside their comfort zone enough to build new skills and ways of thinking
  • Remove obstacles that are blocking professional growth
  • Build deeper connections with others to become a more effective leader
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