The Iceberg Wall Poster


The Iceberg visual is a framework that illustrates aspects (or levels) of a system. It provides a powerful analogy to show how people and teams often focus on what is most visible. In terms of an actual iceberg, this is the tip visible above the waterline.  The visible parts of a system are typically the events. However, it’s what we are largely unaware of (under the waterline) that has the most impact on our day-to-day behaviour in organisations.

The Iceberg visual helps individuals and groups understand and communicate a big picture of how a system operates, acknowledging aspects of a system beyond the discrete events, to include the dynamic patterns and trends, forces at play, and underlying mental models and beliefs within the system that are often unseen.


The full-colour posters are professionally printed on thick stock paper to reduce tearing and make for easy hanging.  The poster dimensions are 1600 x 914 mm.

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