No matter how far you’ve climbed up the corporate ladder, executive coaching & training programs will always be a worthy investment. Continue the pursuit of development - either for yourself or your workforce - and help your company become the best it can be. By investing in individuals, you are investing in your company - because you are only as good as your top leaders. Our executive training program will help your best employees become better. Not only will they benefit from this, but the teams they lead will, too.

What Is Executive Coaching?

An executive coaching program is exactly what it sounds like - training to help your executives or management team become better at what they do. As one rises up the ladders through a company, the people who mentor them will likely change. You constantly need to be learning from someone who has been where you want to go - which is what executive coaching seeks to provide.

Our executive coach - Harold Hillman - has helped coach some of the top executives around the world, changing the way they interact with their team for the better. This leads to a better company culture, better communication, and a better workforce.

Why Is Executive Coaching So Important?

Senior executives often forget that the impact of their leadership, or lack thereof, is amplified far more quickly and broadly through the organisation than is the case at more junior levels. When it comes to leading change, senior executives must develop the skill and discipline to keep themselves, and their teams, in a proactive space – which is more about what’s important and less about being consumed by the urgent.

Senior executives often impose undue pressure on themselves to have all the answers, rather than positioning themselves as effective coaches who understand the value of powerful inquiry and other methods that help build confidence, and capability, at the next level down. It all starts with the executive first – the ability to lead more effectively is closely tied to the ability to learn more effectively. Our executive coaching program will help draw the connection between these two vital capabilities.

How Our Executive Coaching Program Works

We work with chief executives, senior executives and members of executive teams who want to improve their ability to influence successful outcomes. At senior levels, the biggest challenge is often associated with getting the best out of their teams – being able to stretch their direct reports and potential successors to greater capability.  

Coaching Executives To Become Better Leaders

Executives are expected to lead teams, and ultimately, their company. That’s why one huge aspect of executive coaching involves training them to become better leaders. These terms sometimes get used interchangeably, but leadership training is actually a subset of executive coaching.

What Other Training Services Are Available Through Sigmoid?

Along with executive coaching training and leadership development training, we also help companies navigate other tricky areas of their workforce. If you are looking to get a better sense of the talent you’re working with in your organisation or bring on a new hire, our talent assessment is a great investment.

You can also hire Harold as a public speaker to help you improve your communication skills, along with induction training to help you navigate change or bring new hires up to speed. Whatever you need, we can help. We have the expertise you need to get the most out of your people and instill a culture of learning!

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