Why Hire Harold As A Business Speaker?

There is no shortage of people you can hire to come and deliver a message to your event or organisation - so why choose Harold as your business speaker? Simple. Harrold Hillman’s unique background and extensive experience enables him to bring a rich and robust perspective to any business or public forum.

Harold’s experience as a psychologist, business executive and owner, director and executive coach positions him to cover a wide array of topics that range from personal development to national trends in business and leadership. You will find various links on this website that will enable you to experience Harold’s style, as well as his ability to explain concepts and models in ways that are practical and easy to grasp. There is no better presentation coaching available like this!

Areas In Business Harold Has Experience Speaking On

The best part about working with Harold as your business speaker is that he has extensive expertise in many different areas. There are so many different aspects of leadership & business that he’s spoken on personally, and can deliver similar messages to your business. Here are some specific examples of what he has experience in speaking on below:

  • The Power of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Impostor Syndrome: Becoming an Authentic Leader
  • Empathy: Making it Real for Leaders
  • Leading Change
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • High Performing Teams
  • Executive Vitality & Resilience
  • How to Build a Learning Organisation
  • Talent Strategies
  • Accelerating Executive Presence

The Benefits Of Hiring An Entrepreneur Speaker For Your Company

Getting unique, new insights from a business speaker is one of the best ways to educate or motivate your organisation. By hiring someone to speak in front of your team is engaging, and offers valuable insight that can lead to growth. Whether they’re an entrepreneur speaker educating you on how to cultivate the best culture or bring in proper talent, or they’re discussing inclusion and diversity - these are topics you can’t afford to be ill-informed on, whether you’re the owner of a company or an executive. By investing in a speaker, you’re investing in your people - which as you know, are one of your most valuable assets.

Hire Harold Hillman As A Business Speaker For Your Next Event!

If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, or an executive responsible for leading a team at your company, hearing from a keynote speaker specializing in business may help you or your employees become better at what you do. But this isn’t the only instance in which hiring an entrepreneurial speaker like Harold Hillman is a good idea. Maybe you’re preparing an event, and want to attract attendees with a highly sought-after keynote speaker. If this sounds like you, reach out to learn more about what Harold can bring to your event, and the types of messages he can deliver!

Become The Best Leader Or Executive You Can Be By Working With Sigmoid!

Aside from serving as a business speaker, we offer complete leadership training & executive coaching to help you better serve your employees, clients, and shareholders - and ultimately, yourself! Invest in yourself and your workforce today with a talent assessment to determine strengths of weaknesses, and let’s get started!

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