What Exactly Is A Talent Assessment?

Discover the true potential of your workforce with our employee talent assessment and evaluation. We’ll help you gain insight into the potential of one of your executives or vet any potential candidates you’re looking to bring on board. As a leader working in the same environment, it’s likely you could be developing blind spots - missing opportunities within your own ranks. Let us leverage our experience assessing and evaluating the world's leading companies and help you get the most out of your people!

What Techniques Are Used To Assess Talent In The Workforce?

To truly assess the talent of a job candidate or employee, you need to draw on a number of different techniques. This allows a more rounded look at an individual's full potential. There are three important techniques for assessing talent in the workforce today: interviews, role-playing workforce scenarios, and personality tests.

One On One Interviews

Interviews are one of the most effective manners of assessing talent you have in your arsenal. A proper talent assessment interview isn’t going to ask boilerplate questions that you might suspect, though. This is where a lot of talent assessments go wrong - they ask the wrong questions. Learning how to ask the right questions will greatly enhance your ability to recognize talent and avoid red flags.

Simulating Workforce Scenarios

Interviews tend to be met with a guarded response by whoever’s talent you’re assessing - which is why putting them to the test in real workforce scenarios is such a great idea. Whether you’re preparing someone within your firm for a new role or going through the final round of selections for a new hire, this is one of the most important talent assessment mechanisms in your arsenal. These can consist of speed tests for a certain task the employee will be responsible for on a regular basis, or problem-solving tests where you evaluate their logic & critical thinking. There are even leadership tests that can help you discover whether an employee is prepared to rise up the ranks in your company.

Assessing Whether They Fit Your Company Culture - Personality Tests

An often overlooked aspect of any employee talent evaluation is whether or not their personality will mesh well with the culture you’ve established. Even if they check off all the boxes in terms of skills and experience, a single rotten apple is all it takes to spoil the barrel. You cannot afford to hire or promote anyone who does not satisfy this aspect of an assessment. Don’t overlook its importance!

Why Use Sigmoid For Employee Talent Assessment & Evaluation?

Sigmoid has extensive experience in executive assessment to help determine a person’s broader potential or to assess a candidate for a specific role. We are able to tailor individual assessments or run an assessment workshop for a large group, built around business simulations, interviews and psychometrics.

How Our Talent Evaluation Works

Our approach with assessment emphasises a partnership with those who are being assessed to determine their potential for growth and broader contribution. The goal is to shift the energy from that of intensive scrutiny to a more compelling curiosity around learning and growth. We never set out to expose weaknesses. Rather, we seek out personal strengths within an individual that they may not even be aware they possess themselves. With that said - there is always room for improvement, we do make everyone involved aware of areas of growth for a candidate or existing hire. We expect our assessment partners to have an active voice in shaping the results and recommendations that we report back to the organisation.

An Executive Assessment Tailored To Your Specific Company

No two organizations are the same - because no two people are the same. With so many different personalities, roles, and missions at each and every company out there, you shouldn’t waste your time with other services that offer a “one-size-fits-all” executive assessment for your employees. We are able to customise an assessment approach that reflects your organisation’s values and its vision for talent management. We are also able to aggregate individual assessments into group reports to provide a macro view on capability strengths and gaps across functions, departments and the broader organisation.

What Happens After The Talent Evaluation?

Once our employee talent assessment has concluded and we’ve shared our findings with you, you will be responsible for bringing the potential out of the employee. Whether that’s investing in further leadership training, executive coaching, or hiring a public speaker to discuss a topic, we can help you maximize the potential of your workforce after we help you uncover it. If we suggest you integrate an existing employee into a new role, or you are going to go through with a new hire - our induction training is a great choice to make the transition effortless.

How Can I Get My Executive Assessment Started Today?

If you’re ready to get started and uncover the hidden gems throughout your organization, we’re ready to get started with you. Contact Harold Hillman to learn more about our executive assessment process, and start hiring better today!

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