Left-Hand Column Wall Poster


The Left-hand column visual is a tool for discovering how our unspoken thoughts (aka inner dialogue) and feelings contribute to the outcome of our conversations and, the impact on decision-making.

Inner dialogue is the ‘private conversation’ that we hold with ourselves. During our conversations with others, also known as ‘public conversations,’ we filter the private conversation and only make public that which we assume will be accepted by others, or will assist us in getting what we want. At the surface, this appears to be a very diplomatic way of communicating with others. After all, if we say what is truly on our minds, we may make things worse by upsetting people or making ourselves vulnerable. The problem is that if we keep our private conversations private, we prevent ourselves and others from learning and making better decisions.

The Left-Hand Column visual helps people to check their own feelings and assumptions about another person or situation. Prompts individuals to test their ability and confidence that they can make some private things public if it will help the team focus on what’s really important.


The full-colour posters are professionally printed on thick stock paper to reduce tearing and make for easy hanging.  The poster dimensions are 1600 x 914 mm.

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