Sigmoid Curve Wall Poster


The Sigmoid Curve visual highlights the fundamental premise of life and business that ‘nothing grows forever in its current structure.’ In this case, structure refers to the basic assumptions we considered when we first initiated the change and the current curve. If we initiate change on the basis of certain assumptions (e.g., customers want it, employees won’t mind it, shareholders won’t care, consumers won’t notice, etc.) and we leave those assumptions unchecked and untested, that growth curve – across time – will plateau and subside.

The ride on the curve may vary in length depending on the business model in place, but there are no exceptions to the end result of the curve. You have to disrupt the curve you’re on in order to sustain growth.

The Sigmoid Curve visual helps individuals and groups understand where their team and/or organisation are on the growth curve. With change occurring swiftly around us, it is imperative that leaders instil a sense of confidence that they understand where their business is on the curve and are focussed on lead – not lag – indicators.



The full-colour posters are professionally printed on thick stock paper to reduce tearing and make for easy hanging.  The poster dimensions are 1600 x 914 mm.

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