Blinking Words Wall Poster


The Blinking Words visual draws team members to potentially confusing or ambiguous words and phrases used during day-to-day conversations and/or team meetings.

A blinking word is one that can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on the perspective and experience of those sitting around the table. We use them all the time, and there’s a tendency to just let them breeze by us and assume that everyone is interpreting them in the same way. We know from experience that it’s rare that everyone would interpret every word in exactly the same way, but still we sit on our hands when these words come up in conversation. However, they can influence the direction and decisions we take, often without sufficient calibration to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Blinking Words visual helps individuals and groups clarify potentially confusing or ambiguous words and phrases. Often, when we stop to clarify a blinking word, this opens up a rich conversation that ensures we are all grounded around a definition that works for us in our context.


The full-colour posters are professionally printed on thick stock paper to reduce tearing and make for easy hanging.  The poster dimensions are 1600 x 914 mm.

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