Fitting In Standing Out & The Impostor Syndrome Book Combo

Get both of Harold’s books for a great price with this combo deal!


This is what Andrew Thorburn, former Group CEO of National Australia Bank has to say about Fitting In, Standing Out:

“This book packs a lot of wisdom into bite-sized chapters, with case studies, toolkits and advice that is easy to apply.”

This is what Sir Henry van der Heyden, Chairman of Auckland Airport has to say about The Impostor Syndrome:

“Leadership is not complicated. For me, it starts with being true to yourself and having the confidence to be who you are, wherever you are. The real challenge is to find yourself in the first place. The Impostor Syndrome speaks directly to everyone trying to find the defining line between ‘the real me’ and ‘the me others expect me to be’ and does so with style, humour and plenty of sound advice.”

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